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Basic Equipment

Orbital Welding Controller Systems

tigtronic compact system

Technical Data Sheet

Tigtronic Compact (Autorange)

Package includes:

> Compact system

> Power cable

  • > USB stick, 1GB
  • • 5.7“ display, collapsible
  • • Simple, multilingual operator guidance through auto programming of weld schedule parameters: tube outside diameter, wall thickness and weld head code
  • • Gas and water cooling monitoring
  • • Tacking mode can be activated
  • • Options for 6 level programming with continuous and step travel modes
  • • Simple tuning of auto calculated parameters by individual level or overall percentage


  • • The output and wire feed parameters can also be changed during welding
  • • Graphic display of the welding progress
  • • Real-time monitoring of the welding parameters
  • • Integrated weld counter (assignment to isometrics and weld numbers)
  • • Storage of up to 99 programs
  • • Storage of up to 400 actual parameters
  • • Data transfer of weld parameters and programs via USB interface
  • • Software updates possible
  • • Diagnostic fault detection system
  • • Options for connecting a remote control pendant (Note: The controller can also be operated without a remote pendant)
  • • Connection for oxygen analysers
  • • Servo PCB for wire feed
  • • Integrated printer

EVO 200 WP Orbital Welding Controllers

New to the market is the Industry 4.0 EVO Series, a range of compact systems, initially in 200 Amp auto range. These systems are small, light and handy and offer a high-resolution colour display, multilingual intuitive operator guidance with a colour touch interface, or alternative operation using a membrane keyboard, stable operating system (without loss of data during power outages and quickly ready for use again), data transfer via USB, LAN and WLAN, fault analysis program, manufacturer support via remote maintenance, optionally mountable cooling units, and more. Depending on the model, systems may be equipped with different features. Individual features can be added for an additional charge.

The EVO 200 WP is currently available and has a standard Turbo Purge function. When the Turbo Purge function is activated, the cassette welding head is purged with an increased amount of gas (setting via the analogue rotary control on the controller and digital display). Shortly before the welding process, the amount of gas is reduced to the amount required for the cassette weld head. This considerably shortens the welding process and achieves better welding results by precisely controlling the amount of gas.

For the optional digital Turbo Purge feature, the gas flow is continuously measured and regulated by a gas flow controller . The amount of gas is digitally set on the display and saved in the programme for future welds. With high productivity, the cassette weld head can be preserved by activating the permanent gas function to extend the service life of the tungsten electrodes.

EVO WP 200

Technical Data Sheet

Additional Equipment

Cool 50

Technical Data Sheet

Water Cooling Unit Cool 50

Water cooling units for application with Tigtronic Compact in conjunction with water-cooled welding tools.

Package includes:

    • • Water cooling unit (choose either for input voltage 115VAC or 230VAC)
    • • Connection cable Inverter / water cooling unit
    • • 5l coolant
    • Cool 50 Manual