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Closed Weld Head OSK

Closed weld heads provide complete inert gas protection of the full weld bead circumference (an industry requirement for producing welded joints in electro-polished and hygienic applications).  Welding will be made after preparation of the tube ends to provide a flat, square surface.  During welding, the weld head remains static, only the rotor carrying the electrode rotates in an "orbital" motion around the tube (90° saw cut, if necessary to square off).

Collets are required for each tube diameter to be welded.

Cold wire feed is not possible.

Enclosed Weld Heads with Handle and Cable Assembly

Maximum Customization

Our range of OSK weld heads is unique in design. The cable and handle/motor assembly are separate from the weld head itself, so one handle assembly can run a variety of different sized weld heads. This concept provides significant cost savings on multiple weld head systems, and unmatched flexibility using the same weld heads on different manufacturers' power supplies.

All of our weld heads are also available in a gas or water coolant design and can be retrofitted as required (exception:  microfit weld heads).  The gas coolant design fits the typical cassette welding application very well.  When the thresholds of cassette welding are reached, Orbitec cassette-type weld heads with water coolant design are recommended.  Compared to other providers, the essential components for the heat input are sustainably cooled by a higher water flow.

Example: Enclosed Weld Heads with Handle and Cable Assembly


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