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Precise and Effective Purging

Precise purging is essential for controlling weld quality, particularly when welding high-alloy, corrosion-resistant materials that are highly sensitive to oxygen in the welding process. Our oxygen analyzers can be connected to our controllers for monitoring ID purge quality as part of the programmed weld schedule parameters (except Oxy Smart).  

Values measured during welding will also be recorded as part of the weld data recording facility.  The maximum oxygen value (in ppm) is entered in the controller (typically < 20ppm).  Welding will not commence until the measured value drops below the programmed threshold.  The analyzers are calibrated to precisely measure welding in the relevant range below 30ppm up to +/- 2ppm.

Precision is essential for top quality results 

Low annealing coloring guaranteed

Fast response times

High measuring precision

Easy application

Measuring of inert gases and gases with H2 proportions

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An important step in perfecting your weld joints

Examples of annealing colouring levels versus residual oxygen content are shown below.  Since oxidation starts at around 30ppm, analyzers with values displayed as a percentage are not recommended.



27 ppm


500 ppm