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Quality Orbital Welding Products

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Your search for the right orbital welding products begins and ends with Orbitec North America. We have a full range of products to suit your needs, including weld heads and oxygen analyzers. If you need assistance making your selections, our staff will be glad to help.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Orbitec's equipment technology is focused on the particular practical needs of its customers, whether they specialize in tube and pipe fabrication or you have a one-off requirement to join tubular components. Key factors on our list of design considerations are safe and easy to use, modular where possible, with a form and construction that reduces manufacturing costs to a minimum.

Because of this philosophy, Orbitec has been able to offer practical, robust, and easy-to-use products at price levels not previously available to the Orbital market.

Enclosed Weld Heads with Handle and Cable Assembly

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Our range of OSK weld heads is unique in design. The cable and handle/motor assembly are separate from the weld head itself, so one handle assembly can run a variety of different sized weld heads. This concept provides significant cost savings on multiple weld head systems, and unmatched flexibility using the same weld heads on different manufacturers' power supplies.

Other products such as oxygen analyzers, which are often considered peripheral to the orbital process, but nevertheless key to its successful application, complement the comprehensive product range available from Orbitec.

Example: Enclosed Weld Heads with Handle and Cable Assembly


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